Meet Dog #2, Juno

Juno 1

About five months ago, Noodles died. Three days ago, we got Juno.

I’m gonna be honest: I wasn’t really into the idea of getting another dog. You know how sitcoms will lose their biggest star (The Office, Scrubs, Two and a Half Men, That 70’s Show) and then the show will continue on for one last awful season? That’s kind of what this is like. We had Noodles for twelve years. I’m in college; my days at home are numbered. Sara will be out of high school in two years. And Juno is something like a last-minute sub. But somehow we found ourselves at a kennel and driving this black lob mix home.

So she’s here now.

I gotta give her credit: Juno is almost everything I’ve ever wanted in a dog. She’s adorable. She’s tough and strong. She’s big enough to play with but not too big to handle. She likes people and doesn’t want to run away.

But I had some reservations, even without the emotional bit with Noodles. Juno is three years old. I’m not huge on the name, which was given to her by a previous owner/the kennel and she already responds to it. (Nicknames are limited to weird things like JuJu and JJ—which was my name for Noodles). She is part pit bull. I have nothing against pit bulls, but they tend to be stronger than they understand, and that can be tricky.

She hasn’t done anything to permanently wreck anything. I don’t dislike her, I just don’t want her here. You know? It’s nothing against the dog, but it’s a big change to have such an active dog in the house when we’ve been without one for nearly half year.

She is pretty cute though…

Juno 2



  1. Hi , Aw, she is beautiful. Believe me, we had a time adjusting to having a dog , let alone a hyper, aggressive dog. Hunter will be 10 in Feb 2015. We started off with him at 8 months old. He stayed in a crate for quite awhile until we learned how to handle him. It is worth the wait to get adjusted, he is still his crazy hyper self, and we cannot stand the thought of losing him. Juno is also worth the wait, good luck, hugs to all !


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