An Ode to Tyrion Lannister


I love Game of Thrones. I am not a fan of Breaking Bad. So I might come across slightly biased when I say this, but Peter Dinklage got robbed at the Emmys last night.  Continue reading


The Annual First-Day-of-School Jitters

Sing the song. SING IT.

Tonight is a sleepless night for thousands of kids in Frederick County. Because come tomorrow morning, they will once again be subjected to bus rides, bell schedules and homework. Tomorrow is a day of empty notebooks, brand-new sneakers, and shifty homeroom teachers. Tomorrow is the day that can define an entire year—an entire lifetime—for a child.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge DOES Work


I had no idea what ALS was until everyone started to pour buckets of ice water on their heads. That doesn’t make me a bad person. But apparently, according to some cynics out there, endorsement of the ice bucket challenge does make me a bad person.

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O Captain! My Captain!


When I saw the Facebook status of an old camp friend, I thought that the internet had been taken over by another celebrity-death scam. They’d been happening more frequently (a lot of people seem to believe that Bieber dies like twice a week), and I knew for sure that Robin Williams, funnyman and actor extraordinaire, wasn’t dead.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a cruel joke. It was just a cruel reality.

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