That Green Day Song, Part One


This time of year, this overwhelmingly bittersweet period, is unlike any other. The middle of May is busy; the calendar is filled to the brim with parties, awards ceremonies, and spontaneous Frisbee games. Skin starts to tan, muscles regrow and the beauty of a late-evening walk is at its peak. The school year is winding down. Over the next few days final goodbyes will be said. Celebration will be overshadowed by sadness; every good morning means just a little bit more as the number of mornings remaining dwindles. These are the final days. These are the glory days.

Keep your eyes open. Do not waste the time of those around you. Take some pictures and put your phone down.

High School Seniors: this is your time. This is the last of your childhood. Enjoy your time in the limelight, and prepare for the challenges ahead. Soak up the sun, because you’ve earned it. Things will start to change from here on out. Everyone else: this is still an important period. The dog days of summer will sap your energy, and I promise you that someone in your life is about to leave.

I could write pages and pages of advice on the month of May, and the emotions associated with these days are too deep for my paltry words to describe. I will leave you only with the words of the Nard Dog:


If you have to stop and wonder if you’re in the glory days, trust me: you’re there. Stop thinking and start living. I hope that you—all of you—have had the time of your lives.



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