The Happiness Trio: Puppies, Koalas and Star Wars


Today the UMBC community was treated to one of the best ideas the Student Events Board has ever had: a Puppy Party.

This party has been a long time coming. The original event was planned for some time in the fall, but for logistical reasons it got postponed until now. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. SEB gets a lot of unnecessary guff from the student body because some of the events don’t live up to everyone’s expectations. Even this Puppy Party was different than everyone imagined. The dogs were hardly puppies—the most popular guest at the event was a seven-year-old St. Bernard that probably could’ve carried me around campus—and there were only three or four of them at that. But today people spent less time complaining and more time enjoying themselves.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that puppies have powers of happiness that can’t be explained. You try explaining how puppies can change the mood of an entire campus! You try explaining why every single person who passed by the quad today babbled like a moron for ten minutes! (Who’s a good girl? Hello little doggy! Hi buddy! You’re so adorable!). Even on this bitter college campus, where studies are starting to crush the spirits of everyone unfortunate enough to pick up a book, these puppies brought explainable joy.

It was kind of an odd afternoon for me. Since Noodles’ passing about six weeks ago, I’ve avoided dogs. But today I was reminded by my new friend Sasha that I was being completely ridiculous:


I mean, who can stay sad while they’re looking at that face? The only thing cuter than Sasha (aside from my JJ, of course) is this little guy (yes, it’s relevant):


Puppies won’t cure depression, AIDS, or cancer, but they sure can make the school day a lot more bearable. They’re adorable, they’re enthusiastic, and they brighten everything up just by being there. God bless you, puppies, kitties, doggies and koalas of the world.

And if puppies aren’t your thing, for some reason, this video will make the nerd inside of you throw a little geeky party:


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