Don’t You Dare #CancelColbert



I’ve been a member of Colbert Nation for years. I love Colbert Report and his books are among the funniest I’ve ever read. I much prefer him to Jon Stewart and other comics that focus on political satire. Colbert’s character is one of the few that can see the light, funny side of politics. He says things that many of us think but don’t have the guts to say. I stand with Stephen Colbert. 

Now his show is in danger because of this:


This obviously isn’t cool or appropriate. There are rumors flying all over the place about the source of the tweet, why it was posted and who actually posted it– CNN, the only legitimate news source to report anything as of yet, says that Colbert is denying any connection to the tweet. I’m sure there will be an overly-covered investigation of this. Meanwhile, the Twitter community has started to call for the end of Colbert Report using the hashtag #CancelColbert.

You guys wanna know something? That won’t solve a damn thing.

Colbert mocks people. That’s his gig. He has made fun of every group, every section of society, every person in power and every major news story for the last several years. The tweet was taken out of context from a joke about the Redskin’s new name-saving organization. If someone wanted to end Colbert’s show because of inappropriate comments or racism, the show wouldn’t have lasted more than a season. And for the record, it’s been running for nine seasons and over one thousand episodes.

Every joke can be offensive can be taken out of context – and every offensive joke can go from a joke to an attack. To cancel an incredibly successful TV show and end Colbert’s career over some dumb out-of-context tweet would be nothing more than a vicious attack that seeks to be malicious as the tweet itself.

This would’ve been a much quieter ordeal if Twitter wasn’t a breeding ground for ignorance. When something trends on Twitter, people support it no matter how dumb it is (#BecauseofChrisBrown, #GodIsNotGreat, #ReasonsToBeatYourGirlfriend…). This #CancelColbert thing will gain steam because morons who don’t know the facts will use it relentlessly. If Colbert is cancelled – which I hope doesn’t happen – it will be in part because people use trending hashtags for no good reason. This may not have had anything to do with Colbert. This could have been a result of a hack or a disgruntled employee. That makes no difference to Twitter.

In their lack of attention and desire to be “one of the crowd” Twitter-obsessed fools that are just as ignorant as that tweet might take down one of the only truly funny shows left on TV. Good job, America.


Tweet shot courtesy of Colbert Nation banner courtesy of


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