Administrative Note, 7 March 2014: Ansible

A quick note, for anyone that noticed: I changed the layout of the blog one final time, as well as the name. I did this for a few reasons. As far as the site layout goes, I wasn’t happy with the way the old one displayed titles, and it looked awkward on mobile phones, so I switched to something new. I promise I won’t fool around with it anymore. Besides, don’t the stars look cool?

The name change was something I’ve been thinking about for a few days. The term Ansible was first used by Ursula K. Le Guin in her 1966 science fiction novel Rocannon’s World. Basically put, an ansible  is a little device that allows for instant inter-stellar communication, even between moving bodies. It’s been used by many sci-fi writers, including Orson Scott Card in Ender’s Game and its sequels. My closer friends and family will know that’s where I’m coming from and probably just roll their eyes, but there’s a real reason behind the selection of the name. More and more I don’t really feel like I’m rooted in one place. Though I’m not far from home by any measure, I don’t feel like I belong there – but I’m not sure I belong here, either. I feel like a spaceship, flying through the stars toward a destination clouded by mystery and leaving home behind. The ansible is how Ender, Val, Peter, Mazer, Graff, and Bean communicated while in transit; my ansible is how I communicate with my friends and family while I’m in the same position.

Plus, I don’t have to live up to posting every day, which was starting to get to me. I’m not as good as I thought it was.

I know nobody cares that I changed things, I just felt obligated to explain. I’ll get around to changing the domain name eventually. Happy Friday, everyone! 


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  1. My Dear Jessica, just having come to Your blog, I will be excused if I had not known how it looked earlier. And, for these old eyes, could You make the stars a little bigger? Haha. I had gone to Mr. Google trying to find the meaning of ansible. But You know what? Your answer is the most ‘Sensible’ one. And in the future, Never say: ‘Nobody Cares.’ Am sure Many are caring for You, caring about You. To end, I like Your post quite a lot as You are very Readable, and Short, which I like very much (though never able to achieve it in my writings)! Love and Regards.


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